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Turning 65 is a milestone for most. For agents, it is a new opportunity to provide supplemental Medicare insurance. You, and every other agent, is fully aware of this growing market as baby boomers become eligible. Direct Sales Marketing Leads loves data. We also know not all data is created equal. We know these consumers are overwhelmed with marketing from every channel. You can be assured your Medicare Age 65+ premium leads are fresh and ready to convert.

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How do I get good Medicare Leads?

How do you find more Medicare prospects? Well, you start with generating more Medicare leads. The trick isn’t just generating more leads, but generating more quality leads. Direct Sales Marketing Leads has a proven track record of quality and conversion.

Here are a few frequently asked questions when it comes to buying qualified Medicare leads:

What are Medicare Leads?

Medicare leads are people who have expressed interest in Medicare, for example, by requesting a quote. Because of this interest, they are a potential customer that companies can approach to sell their product. More and more insurance brokers are buying quality Medicare leads to supplement their marketing and sales efforts.

Is it worth buying Medicare Leads?

Buying Medicare leads is a great way to connect with prospective customers when they need your product most. Since your target market comes with a sense of urgency on your product, it’s pivotal that you reach them as quickly as possible. Purchasing leads is a great way to kickstart your marketing until your organic resources gain enough traction to supply you with regular leads.

How much do Medicare Leads cost?

On average, the best Medicare leads will cost $10 to $20 per lead.

Whether a lead is shared or exclusive will also impact the cost. Shared leads are sold to multiple companies, meaning the prospect is likely to get a bunch of companies contacting them, thus creating more competition for you. Exclusive insurance leads, meanwhile, are more expensive but offer a higher chance of a conversion.

What are the different types of Medicare Leads?

You get many different types of Medicare leads. For example, ad searches, organic searches and website referrals generate leads in the form of potential customers searching for your product or service. Direct Sales Marketing Leads offers several lead types:


  • Live transfer leads (exclusive leads)
  • Aged leads
  • Mail lists
  • Email lists
  • Phone lists

What are live transfer Medicare Leads?

Every year, more people are turning to the internet to shop for Medicare. Direct Sales Marketing Leads collects quote requests and sends them directly to you in real-time.

Live leads are real time calls that propose a transfer of an interested customer directly to insurance agents for lead conversion. This means that you get to connect with prospective customers within minutes of them expressing interest in your product. Live transfer leads are also exclusive to you, making you their first contact every time.

In the Medicare business, the sooner you get in touch, the better. Instant, customer-driven contact increases closing percentages exponentially.

What are Aged Medicare Leads?

Aged Medicare leads have already been vetted and have a track record for conversion. For example, they are prospects that have already requested to be called or emailed quotes for your product or service. So, you know that they already have an interest in Medicare coverage.

How is Direct Sales Marketing Leads different from other lead generation companies?

With the aging the Baby Boomer generation, the Medicare market presents a wealth of opportunities for agents. With approximately 10,000 individuals in the United States becoming eligible for Medicare services daily, the sheer size of this demographic transition is noteworthy.

Leveraging our expertise, we are well-equipped to pinpoint prospective customers eligible for the specific plans you aim to offer, whether it’s DSNPs or traditional Medicare. We possess a deep understanding of your client base and can employ demographic factors such as income, age, and marital status to make informed estimations about their potential interest in specific plans, be it Medicare Advantage HMO or PPO options.

Not all Medicare lead vendors are built the same. Reputable review sites like Trustpilot can help you research which companies you should and should not consider. Since there are various ways to get a lead, it helps to know where this lead came from. The more information Medicare lead generation companies provide, the better it helps the sales agent target their sales pitch.

At Direct Sales Marketing Leads, we make lead generation quick and simple. Our proprietary technology allows us to sort through big data to provide highly targeted leads that convert easily. Plus, all of our leads are delivered with full TCPA compliance.

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