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Inbound sales calls are a valuable opportunity. We know you want to transform customer interest from passive curiosity to actively seeking. Instant, customer-driven contact increases closing percentages exponentially.

Your business needs to be front and center to win the market. We are living in a world where sooner is better. Connecting with a prospective customer within 1 minute is proven to increase conversion.

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Proof in Numbers

  • NFor the modern consumer, 67% of the buyer’s journey takes place online.
  • NAccording to recent statistics, mobile accounts for 60% of all search query.
  • N70% of these mobile users will use click to call.
  • NDue to our 100% contact rate, marketing expenditures are maximized.

How it Works

  • NA consumer searches online for answers to their question.
  • NAfter receiving information, the customer is guided into the shopping funnel to submit information.
  • NThis information is verified and screened before they are transferred.
  • NPhone conversation is quickly initiated, and the customer is given more information.
  • NThe customer is delighted, and makes their purchasing decision.


Our live transfer leads are sent to you exclusively, never to your competition. You are the first contact every time! Our leads are proven to convert.

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“These guys are just fabulous!! Extremely polite, fast and honest. Best of all, I got exactly what I was told I was getting. Two thumbs up for these guys.”

- Robert

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